1Calibration of the absolute radiometry for solar irradiance of TROPOMI
Emiel Van Der Plas (KNMI)
2Potential for TROPOMI/S5P Ozone Profile Validation against Brewer Umkehr observations
MariLiza Koukouli (Laboratory Of Atmospheric Physics, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki)
3S5P/TROPOMI CH4 and CO total column average mixing ratio validation over Thessaloniki, Greece using FTIR spectrophotometry
Marios Mermigkas (AUTH)
4Evaluation of SO2 column and profile measurements from balloon sounding data
Gary Morris (NOAA-ERSL)
5Evaluation of GEMS glyoxal vertical column densities
Eunjo Ha (Seoul National University)
6First evaluation of GEMS formaldehyde retrieval algorithm
Gitaek Lee (Seoul National University)
7Cross-evaluating WRF-Chem, TROPOMI, APEX and in situ NO2 measurements over Antwerp, Belgium
Catalina Poraicu (Royal Belgian Institute For Space Aeronomy)
8Validation of the TROPOMI/S5P NO2 and HCHO columns using ground-based MAX-DOAS measurements over Thessaloniki, Greece
Dimitris Karagkiozidis (Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki)
9Reference measurements to support validation of TROPOMI HDO products
Rigel Kivi (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
10Optical degradation in TROPOMI
Erwin Loots (KNMI)
11Straylight in TROPOMI
Erwin Loots (KNMI)
12Updated validation of the Total Ozone Column and Ozone profile in the frame of the TRO3VALAG project; A case study for Athens, Greece
John Christodoulakis (National & Kapodistrian University Of Athens)
13Validation results of TROPOMI ALH product using EARLINET ground-based lidar observations during 2018 - 2022
Konstantinos Michailidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
14Towards a new FRM4DOAS site in the Po valley in the frame of Phase I and Phase II IDEAS-QA4EO Task 2 
Elisa Castelli (CNR-ISAC)
15Validation of Sentinel-5P operational ozone data products: Status, advances and remaining challenges
Tijl Verhoelst (BIRA-IASB)
16The EVDC Cal/Val Database
Jarek Dobrzanski (Skytek)
17A comparison of the impact of TROPOMI and OMI tropospheric NO2 on global chemical data assimilation
Kazuyuki Miyazaki (JPL)
18MAX-DOAS measurements of NO2 and HCHO in Kinshasa (DR Congo): comparisons with TROPOMI and GEOS-CHEM
Alexis Merlaud (BIRA-IASB)
19A win-win success story: the HCHO and stratospheric NO2 TROPOMI/S5P validation using the FTIR ground-based network
Corinne Vigouroux (Royal Belgian Institute For Space Aeronomy)
20Nitrogen Dioxide Changes in the Greater Toronto Area during the First Two Years of the COVID-19 Pandemic from ground-based and TROPOMI measurements
Xiaoyi Zhao (ECCC)
21The impact of inland ship emissions on air quality
Xiumei Zhang (KNMI)
22Testing the CO2M NO2 Retrieval Algorithm using TROPOMI Spatial Zoom Data
Benjamin Leune (KNMI)
23Updated NOx emissions during lignite phase-out era in Greece using S5P/TROPOMI
Ioanna Skoulidou (Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, Aristotle University Of Thessaloniki)
24Observations of extreme dust and smoke aerosol plumes during 2018-2022 over the Eastern Mediterranean
Konstantinos Michailidis (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
25Improved estimates of soil NO fluxes inferred by TROPOMI NO2 observations and inverse modelling
Beata Opacka (Royal Belgian Institute For Space Aeronomy)
26Bromine monoxide composition in volcanic plumes measured by S-5P/TROPOMI – a global survey of magmatic composition and plume chemistry
Simon Warnach (Max Planck Institute)
27Comparison of global cloud fraction S5P/TROPOMI measurements from November 2017 to December 2021 with Synoptic observations
Chrysovalantis Sarakis (Laboratory of Atmospheric Physics, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece)
28TROPOMI Geometry-dependent Lambertian-equivalent surface reflectivity (GLER) product for improved trace-gas retrievals 
Wenhan Qin (SSAI)
29Using Sentinel-5P TROPOMI CO, NO2, SO2, and UVAI Imagery on Twitter to Appraise the Public of Current Air Quality Hazards
30Assessment of impact of COVID-19 pandemic on atmospheric composition over Romania using high spatial resolution observations from Sentinel-5P/TROPOMI and ground-based measurements
Daniel-Eduard Constantin (Dunarea De Jos University Of Galati)
31Satellite measurements of carbon monoxide as a tool for air quality assessment
Tomi Karppinen (Finnish Meteorogical Institute)
32Container ship emission signatures in TROPOMI NO2 data
Anu-Maija Sundström (FMI)
33Surface-level NO2 Prediction using Machine Learning on Sentinel-5P TROPOMI Satellite Observations and CAMS European Air Quality Reanalysis Datasets
Anna-Lena Erdmann (EUMETSAT)
34Exploiting satellite measurements to explore uncertainties in UK bottom-up NOx emission estimates
Richard Pope (University of Leeds)
35Version 2 of the global catalogue of large SO2 anthropogenic and volcanic sources and emissions derived from satellite measurement
Vitali Fioletov (Environment And Climate Change Canada)
36TROPOMI operations: Small groundpixels for great science
Mirna Van Hoek (KNMI)
37Comparison of S5P/TROPOMI inferred NO2 surface concentrations with in-situ measurements over Central Europe
Andreas Pseftogkas (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
38Unprecedented 3D observation of anthropogenic particulate pollution over France using multispectral TROPOMI data
Prem Maheshwarkar (Interuniversity Laboratory Of Atmospheric Systems)
39Coherence of Sentinel-5p Tropospheric NO2 columns validation using MAX-DOAS and Pandora direct-sun measurements
Gaia Pinardi (BIRA-IASB)
40Using Weekly TROPOMI HCHO Observations to Quantify Biogenic VOC Fluxes over Europe in 2018-2021
Glenn-michael Oomen (BIRA-IASB)
41Sentinel-5P products in Terrascope
Jeroen van Gent (Royal Belgian Institute For Space Aeronomy)
42Exploiting the full spatio-temporal resolution of S5P NO2 data for Belgian air quality monitoring
Tijl Verhoelst (Royal Belgian Institute For Space Aeronomy)
43The role of existing and future Copernicus Sentinels in forecasting and monitoring wildfires in Europe – a preliminary analysis of Summer 2022
Federico Fierli (EUMETSAT)
44Uncertainty quantification by Gaussian random fields for point-like emissions from satellite observations
Teemu Härkönen (Lut University)
45Quantification of correlations of trace gases measured by TROPOMI and aerosol amounts for different types of biomass burning
Hamoun Heidari Bateni (Max Plank Institute for Chemistry)
46Retrieval of Aerosol Properties from GEMS data: Comparison to  TROPOMI data
Yeseul Cho (Yonsei University)
47Searching for cloud shadow effects in TROPOMI air quality measurements
Victor Trees (KNMI)
48Sentinel-5p TROPOMI cloud products and their evolution: quality assessment using ground-based Cloudnet data
Steven Compernolle (BIRA-IASB)
49Radiative Transfer Model and Neural Networks for Aerosol Type Retrieval Using TROPOMI-like Simulated Data Over Maritime Zones
Davide De Santis (Tor Vergata University of Rome)
50A Neural Network Based Approach for Different Aerosol Type Estimation Exploiting Sentinel-5P Data Over Maritime Zones
Davide De Santis (Tor Vergata University of Rome)
51Improved CCD tropospheric ozone from S5P/TROPOMI satellite data using local cloud fields
Kai-Uwe Eichmann (University Of Bremen)
52A survey of global shipping NOx emission signals in the S5P/TROPOMI data
Miriam Latsch (Institute of Environmental Physics, University of Bremen)
53Towards Arctic and boreal methane flux estimates: systematic evaluation of TROPOMI XCH4 observations at high latitudes
Ella Kivimäki (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
54A new divergence method to quantify methane emissions using observations of Sentinel-5P TROPOMI 
Mengyao Liu (KNMI)
55TROPOMI/S5P Total Column Water Vapor Product: validation against AERONET ground-based measurements
Katerina Garane (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki)
56Continuous Methane Emissions from the Oil and Gas Industry in the Permian Basin 
Pepijn Veefkind (Royal Netherlands Meteorological Institute)
57CO2  plume detection and inversion using deep neural networks: application to synthetic images of XCO2 fields over urban areas
Joffrey Dumont Le Brazidec (CEREA)
58Detection and Quantification of Methane Super-Emitters by Combining Multiple Satellite Instruments
Joannes D. (Bram) Maasakkers (SRON)
59Non-local metrics applied to the comparison of CO2 plumes and their sensitivities to mesoscale meteorology
Author: Pierre Vanderbecken (CEREA-ENPC), presented by: Joffrey Dumont le Brazidec
60French ARGONAUT project: Inferring pollutants (NOx, CO, NMVOCs) and CO2 emissions at high resolution over France using Sentinel-5P and the CIF-CHIMERE inversion system
Gaëlle Dufour (LISA-CNRS)
61Impact of Spectroscopy on CH4 Total Column Retrievals from Sentinel-5P/TROPOMI in the Short-Wave Infrared
Philipp Hochstaffl (DLR)
62TOPAS ozone profile retrieval from TROPOMI ultraviolet spectral range in combination with CrIS infrared spectral range
Mark Weber (University Of Bremen)
63Tropospheric ozone column dataset derived by combination of  TROPOMI and limb satellite measurements 
Viktoria Sofieva (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
64The TROPOMI surface UV radiation product
Jukka Kujanpää (Finnish Meteorological Institute)
65Policy Context on Air Quality / GHG and ESA related projects
Antony Delavois (ESA)
66The ESA Atmosphere Science Cluster – current and future activities
Alexandru Dandocs (ESA)